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Virginia Board of Corrections

The Board of Corrections is made up of nine members who are appointed by the Governor. They are responsible for developing and establishing standards governing the construction and operation of local, regional, and community correctional facilities. The Board is responsible for the review of inmate deaths that occur in any local, regional, or community correctional facility. They also help develop programs to educate citizens and bring about public support for the activities of the Virginia Department of Corrections.


The Board of Corrections is responsible for creating standards that govern the facilities and the offenders it oversees. There are certain regulations that require all correctional programs and facilities to operate at standards that are designed to guarantee the health, safety, and welfare of staff and offenders within a correctional setting. These regulations are necessary so that local jails, residential centers, and other correctional programs and facilities may be reviewed through the same process to make sure they are efficient and safe. Reviews (audits) of each facility are completed every three years to make sure they are operating within these standards.

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    Local Correctional Facilities

    The Board creates standards for the management, operation, and funding of local correctional facilities and programs (jails and lockups).

    Code of Virginia Title 53.1, Chapter 3
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    Community Residential Programs

    The Board sets standards for the development, operation, and evaluation of programs and services in group home halfway houses or other physically unrestricting facilities used for the housing, treatment, or care of adult offenders.

    Code of Virginia Title 53.1, Chapter 5
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    Human Subject Research

    The Board promotes Regulations for Human Subject Research within the Virginia Department of Corrections.

    Code of Virginia Title 53.1-5.1 Chapter 1
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    Privately Operated Facilities

    Based on the Corrections Private Management Act, the Board creates procedures that guarantee standards are met for the management and operation of private prisons. They also guarantee basic services, programs, and conditions in private prisons are comparable with state facilities.

    Code of Virginia Title 53.1-, Chapter 15
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    Virginia Department of Corrections and the Director

    The Board is not in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Virginia Department of Corrections, but there are Board policies and standards that guide the Department in creating procedures that help the operation of correctional units run smoothly and protect offenders’ rights. The Board also advises the Governor and Director on general matters relating to corrections.

    Code of Virginia Title 53.1 Chapter 1


Board meetings and subcommittee meetings are held at the Virginia Department of Corrections Headquarters, 6900 Atmore Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23225 unless otherwise noted on the schedule. Meetings are open to the public and meeting announcements are posted to the Regulatory Town Hall website. Minutes are taken at each meeting, and approved minutes are posted below.

Board Members

The Board of Corrections is made up of nine members who are selected based on qualifications and experience. Appointments are for four year terms, and no person can serve more than two full terms in a row. The Board is a public body, and neither the Board as a whole nor any of its individual members is employed by the Virginia Department of Corrections. The Board of Correction members are:

  • The Honorable Vernie W. Francis, Jr. (Chairman)
  • Bobby N. Vassar (Vice-chair)
  • John F. Anderson, Jr. (Secretary)
  • William T. Dean
  • Karen Nicely, LPC
  • Oliva J. Garland, PhD
  • The Honorable Charles Jett
  • Heather Masters, MD, SFHM, FACP
  • Rev. Kevin L. Sykes

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Virginia Board of Corrections
6900 Atmore Drive
Richmond, VA 23225